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TEA FOREST ™ was founded in 2018 in New York. The company specializes in high quality tea. The products are certifed by EU and FDA and guarantee quality.

Tea Forest is enhancing its brand by customer obsession and delivering beyond customer expectation. The brand treats traditional high quality Chinese tea exporting as its mission. The products have gained popularity amongst both local and online customers alike. Its traditional and authentic flavor even conquers western palettes!



Primarily sells red tea, green tea, oolong tea, puer tea, white tea, flower tea, special tea, loose tea leaves, etc. The company insists upon product quality and customer service. For the long term development strategy, is focusing on organic, healthy, honest, and sustainable products.

The company partners with a whole sale tea manufacturer. The manufacturer is located in Fujin Province, Quanzhou City. The manufacturer specializes in exporting products internationally. The manufacturing process encompasses everything from planting and harvesting all the way to packaging and shipping. They have specialized in this type of work for multiple generations. The white tea won a golden award in 1915. Additionally, the manufacturer has over 10 years of exporting experience.

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