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Different type of tea

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Fully fermented tea is called red tea, although it is known as black tea among westerners. 

Unfermented tea is called green tea and the leaves remain all of green.

Half fermented tea is called Wulong tea.

And the scented tea, which smells like flowers, is made by mixing green tea with flower petals through an elaborate process.

Take green tea for instance, the ideal temperature of the water should be around 80 degree Celsius.

If the water is too hot, nutrients in the tea will be destroyed and the tea will taste badly.

On the other hand, if the water is tempered, the tea leaves wouldn’t open up and you will miss the brisk flavor.

In addition, water is another important element. Water from springs, rivers, lakes and wells will result in different flavors.

Chinese people are most accustomed to drinking hot tea.

Many tea experts say that once tea cools off, its nutrients disappear and it’s no longer good for your health.So when you go visit a Chinese friend’s house, you will most likely to receive a cup of hot tea.

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